NOTE: We do NOT adopt our collies outside of Southern California. If you’re located in Southern California, the first adoption step in the adoption process is to call or email the Area Coordinator (AC) in the list below nearest to the area in which you live.



Santa Barbara County



Orange County



San Bernardino County



Ventura County



LA-South Bay Area


LA-San Gabriel Valley



LA-San Fernando Valley



LA-High Desert, Kern County



San Diego County



Riverside County

Usually, you will receive a return call from the AC within 48 hours, to talk with you about your situation and to provide you with an Adoption Questionnaire, either electronically or by mail. Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, your AC will contact you to arrange the home visit. We require this visit of all potential adopters to ensure each home’s safety, security, and suitability for the age, physical condition and personality of whatever collie you may be considering. Whoever visits you (your AC or a delegated volunteer), will provide you with further information regarding our adoption procedures and explain what we look for concerning safety and security, and answer any questions you may have. Once approved as an adopter, your AC will assist you get in contacting the AC responsible for the collie you’re interested in. You can arrange to visit the collie at his/her foster home – taking your own dog(s), if any, with you if possible. Or, if none of our current collies quite matches your preferences, it is recommended that you continue checking the Southland Collie Rescue website regularly until a potential match comes along. Depending on how things go on the first visit to your collie of interest, you might adopt that collie, and either take her/him home right then and there, or perhaps arrange to come back within the week to pick him/her up. Generally, the signing of the adoption agreement and collection of your donation will be taken care of at the fosterer’s home. The collie’s AC will ensure that you receive all the needed paperwork for your new collie. If you find this is not the right Collie for you, contact your Area Coordinator as soon as possible. Remember, your AC is always there to help you find a suitable Collie. NOTE: We do NOT adopt our collies out to anyone with an unfenced pool. Unfortunately, in both our own and other rescue groups’ experience, dogs have drowned in unfenced pools. We simply cannot put one of our rescue collies at such risk.