SASSIE TRIBUTE by Wally Wingert I was blessed to have known the greatest dog who ever lived. She was smart, kind, gentle, obedient, helpful, loving and stunningly beautiful. She never hurt anything or anyone. (Though she used to love to chase flies!) She wouldn't even bark at squirrels or other dogs. She made it seem like that sort of thing was "beneath" her. She was actually quite shy, but very well behaved and well mannered. She lived to be 12, but in the last year of her life she was stricken with degenerative mylopathy. Though she suffered no pain, the nerves in her hindquarters were literally dying. At the end she couldn't walk or stand. After an MRI determined that a surgical option to her problem wasn't possible, I made the hardest decision of my let her go on June 27, 2011. Sass and I had 9 and a half wonderful years. I'll remember those times the rest of my life... laying together on the bed at night watching old TV shows while I fed her chickie, her excitement when she heard the garage door opening and my car driving in, her barked greetings to me as I walked up the stairs to give her a kiss and a pet, her hilarious and clumsy play times with my cat Spooky, and how she came to dinner when I whistled the "Lassie" theme song. They were all magical moments. Moments which I'll only experience again in the confines of my memory. But as I reflect on our time together, I take great solace in the warmth and love Sassie gave to others. Kids would come up yelling "Lassie!" They would pet her, and she'd do tricks for them. People would see us walking on the street and yell from their cars "Beautiful dog!" She would cuddle up in the midst of my friends on movie nights like she was one of the gang, and sleep soundly. My home will be a little less exciting and welcoming now. But I hope that the spirit of all Sassie represented will linger in the house forever. For the full story and a musical tribute please visit my website at Sassie 1999-2011