Memories of Sunny: A sweet happy smile, a loving hug, a trusting look… These are things Sunny gifted to us daily. Leaping up onto couches to escape Callie’s exuberant playfulness as though he were shouting to her, “I’m on base! You can’t get me when I’m up here!” Then later he would sneak up behind her and rest his chin on her back with his ears perked sharply and his tail waiving high and briskly, “Come chase me again?” He knew Nina would probably not really get him with her teeth. She just wanted to let him know she was tolerating his wanting to lay near her. Gradually, Nina would come to lay near him and not be jealous that he was laying on his comfy bed and she would have to be content with the one next to it. She was always content with him. Nina knew even if she expressed her annoyance with him Sunny would never do anything to hurt her. She always paused to let him go first through a doorway. She didn’t compete to go through first like she does with Callie. Our youngest calling to him, “Come here, Sunny! Come here, Sunny! Awwww, who is the big, handsome boy?” Our oldest running around the yard, “Come on, Sunny! Come on, Sunny! Come get me!” His nose at my elbow, when I’m on the computer, “Lovies?” Breathing heavily along the side of the bed early in the morning, “Do you need to go out or be scrittied?” When I wake up and can’t fall back asleep, “Oh good! You’re up! Pet/brush/scratch/love/hug/kiss me?” Smiling at passersby from the fence in the front yard. Greeting everyone at our door with “Oh good, someone’s at the door! I didn’t know friends were coming over to see me! What? I can’t go in the back yard! How can I give them hugs and get them to pet me? Thanks! I promise I won’t pester them too much!” Gradually, getting you to eat more food and finding you REALLY LOVE cheese sticks. Finding your appetite growing and growing. Feeling the muscles melt away along your spine. Doubling the amount of food you ate from when you first joined our family. Hoping some of the nourishment would stay with you and not just feed the dark hungriness that wouldn’t leave you alone. Your loving appreciation when I helped you get onto your bed and with laying down. Pressing your body tight against mine so I would have no doubt how much you loved me and to know you were loved back. Looking deeply into my eyes so I would know how much you appreciated my efforts trying to massage away your discomfort and pain. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for letting that sweet boy make his way to us. He would have been happy and a joy to have in any home. Thank you for making sure he left his last adoptive family before he saw that nice man die and the nice lady didn’t have to watch the same hungriness eat away at Sunny like it did her dear husband. We know he was waiting to greet and give Sunny loves at the Rainbow Bridge. We know we gave Sunny as much love as we could possibly give when we helped him cross over from our side. Thank you, sweet Sunny, for the unconditional love you gave every day to all of us. It was our joy and privilege to give what we could back to you. You loved us wholly and we wholly loved you back.