We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only. If you live outside Southern California, please see The Collie Club of America's Rescue List for a listing of Collie Rescues by state, where we hope you'll find the right Collie Rescue. Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason. 


Meet Cooper

Cooper was very loved by his first owner but sadly she wasn't in a position to keep him. Cooper is a big sweetheart that just wants attention and to be petted. He is a large, 8-year-old male tri-colored collie. Although he is a bit older, he still has lots of energy and wants to play a lot. Cooper should be the only dog in his household. He is not aggressive but overly playful to the point where it an irritate another dog. He is so sweet that he tends to act like a big baby and wants to be with you and leaning into you! So probably to best with seniors or small children. He can also be quite talkative (barking) at people when he wants attention. He is housebroken, neutered and up to date on shots. He has a seizure disorder and will need to remain on regular medication to keep it checked. But he has not had one seizure in a year. So we feel confident it is under control. He most likely needs a calm household with a regular routine as his seizures seem to be triggered by over-activity. He is OK on a leash but may pull at times so might need a strong hand to walk him. He does know basic commands. He’s probably too pushy for cats but hasn't been tested with them much. If you are interested in Cooper contact Rebecca Gordon.

Meet Salt

Salt is an active, boisterous 5-year-old sable merle headed white smooth collie. He is a big, long-legged collie. He loves to play with other dogs but needs a younger buddy like himself as older dogs tend to get fed up with him. Salt is very wary when meeting new people and should not be approached until he is comfortable enough to come up to he is not like most collies who just accept everyone right off. He really needs a dog savvy owner who while not being intimidated by his issues, doesn't take his quirks for granted either. He can get mouthy with people in play so we would not place him in a home with young children. He likes to chase cats but he doesn't hurt them. Salt is very sweet and affectionate once he accepts you. He will be a great companion for the special person who can and will take him on. Salt is loving, understands basic commands and will follow you everywhere. But we really want an experienced adult home with another dog(s) who is comparable in play style to Salt...and possibly needing that active buddy too. If you are interested in Salt contact Linda Kratz

Referral dogs

meet piper

Piper is a beautiful 43 lb collie mix, who has been with us since she was a puppy.  Her mom was a pure bred rough collie but no one knows who dad was. She's 9 years old and in great health - she's frequently mistaken for a much younger dog because she is so full of joy!  Unfortunately, Piper is not good with children and we had a baby last July so we recently made the very difficult decision to rehome Piper.  We really wish we could keep her because she is such an awesome dog and a member of our family but it's just not working with the baby.

Piper is looking for a home where she can be the only dog and can relax with her people regularly. She likes to go for hikes but is also very happy just hanging out with her people being lazy. She went to work in an office with one of us for years  and adores getting attention from adults. Belly rubs and rump scratches are her favorites.  She can be leash reactive and it's 50/50 whether she will get along with other dogs, so it's best to rehome her where she can be the only dog. She needs an experienced dog owner because when she gets anxious or nervous, she will react badly, so she needs a consistent, firm owner.

Our preference would be to keep Piper within a couple hours of the Bay Area but we'd be willing to drive her further for the right home.  Please email if you're interested and we can go from there.

Hi there! Are you looking for someone to go on walks with and play a little fetch with now and then? So am I! Do you prefer the kids in your world to be a little older? So do I! I think 10 years old would be good. I think playing with toys together would be the best fun there is. Sometimes when we walk on leash I like to slither between your legs from behind. I hope you don't mind. I am housebroken, like a good boy. And I wait patiently to be invited on the couch! Since we have it so good together I really don't see why you need any other pets than me. I can tolerate other dogs when we go on walks as long as they keep their distance and show me great respect. Any dogs that think differently I will correct with a snap. Friendly teenage dogs shouldn't even try to make friends as they are not worthy.

Staff: Social with a warm up to get acquainted. Nervous of invasive or abrupt touch if not acclimated to the handler first. LOVES toys interactively, in particular the tennis ball makes a great pacifier as well as for some fetch. Knows sit. Toy motivated. On leash can lean on your legs or through your legs which can be off balancing when caught unaware.

Dog to dog: Clearly wants to be the only dog, probably only pet. Quick to correct a dog who is not deferential in manner. 

For more information about this animal, call:
Chula Vista Animal Care Facility at (619) 691-5123
Ask for information about animal ID number A209973



Meet beautiful Louise who is newly adopted!!. This 19 month old gorgeous girl is a total puppy! She is sweet and playful and would benefit by having another dog to play with. She is absolute puppy and needs training! She needs a dog savvy owner that can train her and guarantee that she lives a happy and healthy life. She would benefit from great obedience classes as she is smart! She is a chewer and with proper attention that can be refocused. This girl is sweet as can be! With the right home she will prove to be everything that a collie should be! Loyal, smart and loving. Contact

Meet Kilo

Kilo is an almost 2 years-old, majestic male, purebred rough-coated, double-merle, collie. Kilo was born blind, but can hear remarkably well. After months of evaluating, training him and searching for his perfect forever family he is ADOPTED! He now has his very own family in Altadena who will love and care for him the same as any sighted collie. Kilo adapted very quickly to his surroundings and moves about as if he can see everything...because he wants to learn EVERYTHING! He loves adventure, activity, excitement, other dogs, cats and people.

This handsome boy is now full grown and stands 27" at the shoulders...he weighs 63lbs and his beautiful white coat, that had to be shaved when he was rescued, is growing back fast. People who meet Kilo when he's out for his walks think he's a real "show stopper." 

Despite his rough start in life, Kilo still has a puppy-like spirit. Even more so now that he is ADOPTED!


Meet Mystery

Sweet Mystery was found roaming the streets of Victorville by a good Samaritan. She tried finding the owner, worked with the local shelter, but no one came forward to claim this beautiful girl. SCR to the rescue! Like so many rescue dogs she came to Us afraid of strangers and new situations. In came one of our hero SCR volunteers! She agreed to foster her and work on these special needs. Missy is doing well but still is afraid of changes. But that didn't stop her foster family from falling in love. Mystery is ADOPTED! A rescue dog like Mystery needs the security of a dog savvy home. Lucky Missy. This is the face of rescue!

Mystery update

Take a look at how happy she is now! Collie Rescued and healed in the loving arms of Shirley Abbott! Shirley says β€œMystery is such a sweet girl, she loves to snuggle and will do almost anything for a treat.  She now goes up to strangers to say hello and have her ears rubbed.  She likes to explore- as long as we stay near home (she gets car sick).  She loves meeting all the other dogs in the neighborhood.  She does not know how to play with regular dog toys but does play with a tennis ball and she likes to go jogging with me.

This is why Southland Collie Rescue and our wonderful team does the work that we do! Every collie deserves a loving home! Thanks Shirley! You are beautiful Mystery!