We adopt our collies into Southern California homes only. If you live outside Southern California, please see The Collie Club of America's Rescue List for a listing of Collie Rescues by state, where we hope you'll find the right Collie Rescue. Southland Collie Rescue (SCR) reserves the right to refuse to adopt an SCR dog to any person for any reason. 


MEET the hawaii three!

UPDATE- Morgan on Medical Hold- Two Adopted!

Marcel, Morgan and Mickey were brought to us after their breeder passed away in Hawaii. Two of them, Marcel and Mickey have been adopted by their foster families! Beautiful Morgan, the Blue Merle, is still on a medical hold. Keep an eye out to see when he will go up for adoption! They are as sweet and loving as can be! Marcel is the beautiful Tri-Color on the left. He is doing great! Healthy and happy. Morgan is the Blue Merle in the center. This terribly sweet boy suffered from skin issues that left his coat in really bad shape. His foster is helping him heal now. Mickey is such a gentle boy that loves his new life with another big collie girl. They are all learning to be inside dogs versus kennel dogs. They are learning how great life is in the home of a family that truly cares about their well being. They have gone through so many medical needs from neutering to teeth cleaning, extractions, ex-rays and more. They are here thanks to the donations made by so many people around the country! Not to mention the Collie Club of Hawaii and The Collie Rescue Foundation.

MEET Oliver/Ollie!

Oliver is a smooth collie mix who was born on January 4, 2018 into a litter of 10.  His father was a short-haired merle collie and his mother was collie-pharaoh hound mix.  He was originally adopted at the too-young age of 4 weeks and has grown into a gorgeous 90+ pound bundle of energy. At 18 months, he is still very much a puppy...a BIG puppy...with all of a puppy’s affection, playfulness as well as, unbridled energy.  While Ollie loves to cuddle, play fetch, tug of war and run around with other big dogs, sometimes, he can also be somewhat grabby and quite protective.

Ollie was neutered at 6 months and is fully house-trained. He is very, very smart and knows basic commands having worked with two trainers. Oliver needs a very active and engaging home life.  He requires a yard with lots of space so he can run around to burn off his still-puppy energy. He could probably be trained to be a great agility or working farm dog. Oliver absolutely requires a physically and mentally strong person who is willing to devote the necessary time to continue his training. This individual needs to be an exceptionally savvy dog person who is motivated to work with Ollie to make him into a great companion.

Because of Oliver’s size and energy, he will not be adopted into a household with cats, small dogs or children under the age of 16. If you are interested in Ollie please email Mitch at



Meet Beijing!!! Come on! Look at that precious face! Are you his new mom or dad? It's a Senior Summer here at SCR! Beijing has been at our very own Collie Haven under the care of the fabulous Amilio. This is what he says about him. "Mr bright-eyed and definitely bushy-tailed Beijing is such a cool little man. Can’t hear, has four teeth but he is a little bundle of joy. Tiniest collie I’ve ever had here."

Beijing is a sweet senior gentleman looking for a place to call home in his golden years where he will be doted upon. He needs to be an only pet since he is an alpha male and prefers not to share his home with other dogs. He has been to the vet and received a clean bill of health overall. However, he has lost many of his teeth and will need regular dental care to ensure his remaining teeth and gums remain healthy. Don't we all?? if you are interested in adopting Beijing and making this boy's life complete then email Theresa at

Meet Salt

Salt is an active, boisterous 5-year-old sable merle headed white smooth collie. He is a big, long-legged collie. He loves to play with other dogs but needs a younger buddy like himself as older dogs tend to get fed up with him. Salt is very wary when meeting new people and should not be approached until he is comfortable enough to come up to he is not like most collies who just accept everyone right off. He really needs a dog savvy owner who while not being intimidated by his issues, doesn't take his quirks for granted either. He can get mouthy with people in play so we would not place him in a home with young children. He likes to chase cats but he doesn't hurt them. Salt is very sweet and affectionate once he accepts you. He will be a great companion for the special person who can and will take him on. Salt is loving, understands basic commands and will follow you everywhere. But we really want an experienced adult home with another dog(s) who is comparable in play style to Salt...and possibly needing that active buddy too. If you are interested in Salt contact Linda Kratz

Meet regan-ADOPTED

Regan is an 8 year old smooth sable. We are happy to say she is a foster fail! Or we we call a foster success! She was relinquished to SCR by her owner who could no longer properly care for her. She was a little overweight, but her foster/adopted mom is getting her into shape. This sweet girl has found her forever family. And they are very lucky to have her!

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 7.00.03 PM.png


We got a call from a kindly person who had a stray collie on her property. In order to legally take him in, we had to go through the proper channels so we had to advise that public Animal Control be called. We were right there even before he arrived at the shelter to put an adopt hold on him should he not be claimed. Badger was in bad shape - full of ticks, fleas and all manner of plant burrs - and looked like he had been homeless for awhile. He was not claimed so SCR got him. Healthy otherwise except for anemia from fleas, he turned around quickly. SCR took care of all his needs from doctoring a bite wound to a complete dental cleaning and overhaul. After less than 2 weeks, he is shining and will only get better. He has been very happily adopted.


These beautiful collies have landed in what we call Permanent Foster Forever Homes. Southland Collie Rescue has decided that either due to medical reasons, temperament or age that the best place for them is with one of our loving experienced Foster Families. These foster families are like gold to SCR. They help with the old ones that no one wants to adopt. Or they have the experience and patience to deal with medical issues that make a dog too hard for a new family to handle. Sometimes it is just easier on a dog to not be sent to yet another new home. Sometimes just letting them settle in for the rest of their life in the caring arms of their foster is the perfect place for them to be.

13 year old Missy in in the loving arms of our SCR President, Sue Baldwin

Booboo is on medical hold with kidney disease. He is being lovingly cared for by our own Area Coordinator, Linda Kratz

16 year old Lila landed as permanent foster in the totally loving home of the Girard family with her mom Jane. Jane is now in Collie heaven. But Lila is being kept company by her foster brother, SCR’s own Cooper!



Meet beautiful Louise who is newly adopted!!. This 19 month old gorgeous girl is a total puppy! She is sweet and playful and would benefit by having another dog to play with. She is absolute puppy and needs training! She needs a dog savvy owner that can train her and guarantee that she lives a happy and healthy life. She would benefit from great obedience classes as she is smart! She is a chewer and with proper attention that can be refocused. This girl is sweet as can be! With the right home she will prove to be everything that a collie should be! Loyal, smart and loving. Contact


Kilo is an almost 2 years-old, majestic male, purebred rough-coated, double-merle, collie. Kilo was born blind, but can hear remarkably well. After months of evaluating, training him and searching for his perfect forever family he is ADOPTED! He now has his very own family in Altadena who will love and care for him the same as any sighted collie. Kilo adapted very quickly to his surroundings and moves about as if he can see everything...because he wants to learn EVERYTHING! He loves adventure, activity, excitement, other dogs, cats and people.

This handsome boy is now full grown and stands 27" at the shoulders...he weighs 63lbs and his beautiful white coat, that had to be shaved when he was rescued, is growing back fast. People who meet Kilo when he's out for his walks think he's a real "show stopper." 

Despite his rough start in life, Kilo still has a puppy-like spirit. Even more so now that he is ADOPTED!



Sweet Mystery was found roaming the streets of Victorville by a good Samaritan. She tried finding the owner, worked with the local shelter, but no one came forward to claim this beautiful girl. SCR to the rescue! Like so many rescue dogs she came to Us afraid of strangers and new situations. In came one of our hero SCR volunteers! She agreed to foster her and work on these special needs. Missy is doing well but still is afraid of changes. But that didn't stop her foster family from falling in love. Mystery is ADOPTED! A rescue dog like Mystery needs the security of a dog savvy home. Lucky Missy. This is the face of rescue!

Mystery update

Take a look at how happy she is now! Collie Rescued and healed in the loving arms of Shirley Abbott! Shirley says “Mystery is such a sweet girl, she loves to snuggle and will do almost anything for a treat.  She now goes up to strangers to say hello and have her ears rubbed.  She likes to explore- as long as we stay near home (she gets car sick).  She loves meeting all the other dogs in the neighborhood.  She does not know how to play with regular dog toys but does play with a tennis ball and she likes to go jogging with me.

This is why Southland Collie Rescue and our wonderful team does the work that we do! Every collie deserves a loving home! Thanks Shirley! You are beautiful Mystery!


We are happy to say that Cooper’s foster family fell in love with him and adopted him! He now is the little brother to Lila and Jane, two new fosters who were relinquished in their very old senior years. Cooper has taken on the job of protecting them and making them feel welcome. They are all being loved by the Girard Family! Elizabeth, Kyle and David! He plays frisbee every morning… sleeps all day or keeps watch over Kyle, Lila and Jane. He has a special love for old senior Jane. We think he knows that she is the Duchess of all Duchesses!

We are so grateful that the Girards fell in love with him and adopted him. He is home forever!

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